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SINOTAI is capable of providing a broad spectrum of Handling &Downhole Tools
Handling Tools include Power Tong, Manual Tong, Elevator, Links, Slips, Elevator/Spider, Spiders, Bushing, Roller Kelly Bushing, Spinning Wrenches, Fill and Circulate Tools, Sucker Rod Tools, Rubber Tools. Downhole Tools include Drilling Tools, Accelerate Tools, Drilling Jar, Fishing Jar, Fishing Tools, Workover Tools, Internal Blowout Preventers, Washover Cutter, Tester.
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which are “High Quality, High Safety, High Performance-cost Value”
All SINOTAI equipment is API certified and have been well tested and commissioned before delivery.
Sinotai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd is established specially for serving Oil and Gas
Industry by providing Drilling Equipment and Spare Parts.
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Expert who masters the core technology of industry
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Scope of Supply
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